See what our members have to say about the Austin LGBT Chamber…

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“As a new entity in Austin, it is important for us to align with organizations that have a significant amount of influence, as such we are proud members of the Austin LGBT Chamber”

– Andy Loughnane, President – Austin FC

“ For us it was a perfect fit! The first place we came to was the Austin LGBT Chamber, they put us on the map”

– Becky Arreaga, Farmers Insurance

“Immediately when we joined we got calls and emails from the Chamber folks asking how do we want to engage and what can they do for me, it was like a breath of fresh air!”

– Skeeter Miller, Owner, County Line Restaurants

“It [Austin LGBT Chamber] has definitely increased the number of patients walking through my front door. We love when they say they found us on the Austin LGBT Chamber website!”

– Dr. Luke Johnson, Balcones Dental

“ At a time when our community is more divided than ever, it’s more important than ever to stand together. Our firm is for everyone.”

– Kristin Marchum, President, Elizabeth Christian PR. 

“Stephanie arrived just as Victor Celania arrived ( Sartorial Custom Tailors) so she was able to upload and train not one but two LGBT Chamber supporters. It was a happening. We took photos which we will post. This was a GREAT idea and never have we had an outreach like this from any of the chambers or trade associations. It takes that personal touch to get old dinosaurs like me or New Age Busy Mammals like Victor to take the time to do what Stephanie showed us how to do. BRAVO”

-Laura Fowler on Membership Orentation & Online Marketing
The Fowler Law Firm PC

“ Thank you so much! We appreciate all the hard work that the Austin LGBT Chamber does and the importance of increasing the economic and business success of the LGBT community. I really appreciate your willingness to assist us.”

Emmett Schelling, Executive Director, Transgender Education Network of Texas (TENT)