Using our brand

These guidelines will help you correctly make use of our brand.


Our logo

Austin LGBT Chamber is committed to diversity, inclusion, business, values, and community-our logo is a visual expression of that commitment. Each color represents one of those commitments and our effort to change the way Austin does business for the better.


Primary logo

Our primary logo combines our brandmark, The Star, with our wordmark. Wherever possible, we aim to use one of the primary logos in full-color.

If using one color it should be white on darker backgrounds and black on lighter backgrounds.

Clear space

Our logo works best when it has enough room to breathe.


Logo Spacing

Keep a clear space of ‘X’ around our logo at all times to maintain its visual impact in every composition. X = the height of the word CHAMBER.


Minimum size

To maintain the visual integrity of our logo, don’t scale it below 80 pixels or 28 millimeters wide.


80px (width)


28mm (width)

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