What your business can do to prepare for COVID-19

What your business can do to prepare for COVID-19
Questions all business owners should be asking themselves
Are you able to check every item on this list? Granted this list is not comprehensive by any means but it is a solid place to start. Be sure to talk to your employees or service providers from HR, to your insurance agent, your legal counselor and I.T. and marking firms. Don’t have any of these? Well it might be a great time to find providers from our  Member Directory. 

Remote work/telework

  • Do you have  remote working policy in place? 
  • Do you have a “return to work” policy?
  • Do you employees know how to telework effectively? 
  • Are you reminding employees of this benefit? 

Paid Time Off

  • Are your PTO benefits up to date? 
  • Do your employees know how to use their benefits?
  • What are your reporting requirements? 
  • Do your employees know about FMLA? 

Workplace Cleaning

  • If you have a janitorial service, have you talked to them about procedures? 
  • Do you have proper clean polices? 
  • What are your internal supplies levels for sanitizers? 
  • Are you setting a good example? 


  • Do you have a travel policy? 
  • Are you restricting travel to certain areas/events? 
  • Do you have a policy to handle employees returning from personal travel for hot zones? 
  • Do you have liability insurance, including CGL, D&O, E&O, and Workers’ Compensation Coverage?

Emergency Communications Plans

  • Do you have a current employee roster and contact information w/emergency contacts?
  • Do you have a safe meeting place in he event of a disaster or active shooter situation?
  • Do you have a way to quickly reach all your employees at once? 
  • Do you have prepared crisis management statements? 
  • Do you have a communications plan both internally and external to customers? 


  • Do you know what employee information you are legally allowed to share and with whom? 
  • Do all your employees know and understand your company policies and benefits? (it may have been discussed at hire but this could be a great time to have them review)
  • Are key positions crossed-trained? 


  • Have you adjusted your projections and forecasts for the year? 
  • Have you reviewed your short term cash flow positions? 
  • Do you have a Line of Credit with your bank? 
  • Have you called your insurance agent to review coverages? 
  • Are you able to manage payroll and Accounting remotely? 

Information Tech

  • Do you have adequate cyber security protections in place as you move more toward remote/cloud based workplace? 
  • Do you have cloud security protections
  • Do you have a secure VPN? 
  • Are you files backed-up? 

We are here for you, your business, your workforce. Please give us a call for support as we move through here trying times together. For additional information about keeping your employees, customers, and workplace safe, visit the World Health Organization’s Guidelines for Getting Your Workplace Ready for COVID-19.