ADVOCACY ALERT: Proposed Drag Ban

The Texas Legislature is considering several bills that attempt to devalue the LGBTQ+ community through restricting, taxing, or outright banning drag performances across the state. 

Drag bans are bad for business. They hurt revenue for local businesses, lead to a loss of tourism, and are discriminatory against LGBTQ+ businesses.

In-person Testimony

Providing verbal, in-person testimony at the Texas Capitol is one of the most effective ways for citizens to participate in and influence the legislative process. Our friends at Equality Texas have created this legislative witness guide for people who want their voices heard and are eager to make a valuable contribution to the creation of policies that they care about most.

If you are testifying at a SENATE committee you need to make sure you are on the Senate side. Sign up/register at one of these computers (photo below) at the Capitol. 

For the HOUSE committees, you can sign up either on your mobile device when connected to Public-Capitol WiFi or at the same computers. More info here on testifying in the HOUSE.

Dropping a Card

For those who do not have time to submit a verbal or written testimony, remember you can always simply state your position on a bill, also known as “dropping a card,” at a kiosk the day of the committee hearing. The Texas Freedom network has created a document detailing the process of “dropping a card.”

NOTE: The form does NOT work on mobile, bring a laptop or tablet.

Digital Advocacy Toolkit

The Texas LGBTQ Chambers of Commerce, a coalition of the Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce, North Texas LGBT Chamber of Commerce, Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce, and the San Antonio LGBT Chamber of Commerce along with our consultants from McGuireWoods and a couple of lobbyists are hard at work building a cohesive plan to defeat these bills. Check out this Digital Advocacy Toolkit for images to share on social media and for a form to send a letter to your representatives.