Member Onboarding Training

MIC-Member Information Center
Member Onboard Training.

ChamberMasters is the backend database the Austin LGBT Chamber uses for our members. Also called the Member Information Center(MIC). It is truly a robust system with networking and business advancement tools built-in. Below you will find member training for setting up your account. Take some time to give your profile some love, this is where potential clients will view you first! Make a great first impression! Trainings available both in PDF and Video options. Please let us know if you need any help!   

How To Update Your Company Profile

You can update all of your company information, including logos and contact details, from within the MIC.

How To Update Your Personal Profile

You can update all of your personal information from within the MIC. This video explains how.

How To Pay Bills Online

Learn how you can pay open invoices online from within the MIC.

How To Add a Job Posting

Learn how to access, create and manage Job Postings from within the MIC.

How To Manage and Use Events

You can learn how to use, manage, submit, and register for events from within the MIC.

How To Store your Credit Card in the MIC

You can easily store credit card information via the MIC for use when registering or events, and even use in paying recurring fees & dues.