10th Annual Big Queer Kickoff Party


RAIN on 4th
217 W. 4th St,
Austin, TX 78701

DJ Cazwell is on deck from 8-MIDNIGHT

Join us at the 10th Annual Big Queer Kickoff Party at Rain on 4th! Once an unofficial gathering during SXSW of the queer community, and now THE official party where everyone gathers to celebrate the QUEER culture of Austin and SXSW. Produced by the Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce, this is the 10th anniversary, and as such, there will be some special surprises. OUTatInc has decided to play with us, and are bringing along their friends Landa Plenty and the legendary artist/producer/DJ Cazwell who will be on deck! Bring your best fashionz, friends, and smiles. Lots of other surprises await!

Celebrate the start of SXSW 2023 with the biggest, queerest party in town. Whether you’re in town for the conference or a local looking to take in all the excitement and festivities, the 2023 #BigQueerKickoff Party is the place to be! *SXSW badges have priority access.

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March 11 -Queers Create:

The Creative Economy is Community

Join us as members of the Austin LGBT Chamber come together to discuss the integral role that the LGBTQ+ community plays in advocating for change while contributing to the creative ecosystem that is so needed in today’s world. Artists, designers, filmmakers and musicians will chat about their work, the current state of Texas and national politics, and how they continue to thrive and prosper throughout.

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515 Congress Ave.
10th Floor
Lady Bird Patio
Discussions begin at 1:15PM

*SXSW badges have priority access.

1:15PM – Queer Representation in Film

This panel discussion will explore the topic of queer representation in film, with a particular focus on how LGBTQ+ characters and storylines are portrayed on screen. The panelists will discuss the importance of representation in media, the progress that has been made in recent years, and the challenges that still exist in achieving full and authentic representation. The panelists will also examine the impact of queer storylines and characters which are being developed through the lens of heteronormativity and how the affects the queer community.


  • Ramfis Myrthil – Filmmaker & Founder of Ramfis Productions
  • Fernando Andrés, Austin-based Writer & Director
    Known for Three Headed Beast (2022), Damn Pretty Thing (2013) and Birthday (2014)
  • Lisa “Dash” Donato (Austin-based filmmaker)
  • B Ryan Glick – Cancer-surviving disabled non-binary gay agnostic Jewish film sales entrepreneur

Moderated by

2:15PM – The Business of Drag

Drag has evolved from being an underground subculture to a mainstream form of entertainment with a growing fan base and increasing visibility in popular media, not to mention a booming industry. The panel will feature drag performers, Nadine Hughes, Celia Light, Extragrams business owner Kerry Lynn, and will be moderated by World Famous *BOB*. Covering topics such as the economics of drag performance, the role of social media in promoting drag artists and events, the challenges and opportunities faced by drag performers in the industry, the impact of drag on LGBTQ+ representation and activism, and the future of drag as an industry facing all the political upheaval the community is facing today.


  • Nadine Hughes – Drag Artist, Creative Director
  • Celia Light – Drag Artist
  • Kerry Lynn, Owner – Extragrams

Moderated by:

3:15PM – Advocacy through Art

Join us for a thought-provoking discussion on the power of art as a tool for LGBTQ advocacy. Our panel of artists, activists, and community leaders will explore the ways in which art has been used to promote LGBTQ rights, raise awareness of LGBTQ issues, and advocate for LGBTQ equality. Our panelists will discuss the different forms of art that have been used to promote LGBTQ advocacy, including visual art, performance art, literature, and music. They will share their personal experiences and insights on how they have used their art to engage and inspire audiences, build community, drive social change, and build a business. Through this discussion, we hope to inspire and empower others to use their own artistic talents to advance LGBTQ advocacy efforts. We also aim to create a space for dialogue and collaboration between artists, activists, and community members interested in supporting LGBTQ rights.


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